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Here at Hamilton Home Inspections, peace of mind and confidence are what you

Our professional inspectors provide every client with comprehensive home inspection services, including thorough and detailed reports, expert solutions, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Home inspection Hamilton was found 8 years ago and was created to help the locals primarily to have a trusted, accessible, and dependable inspection provider in the community. We are here to provide a detailed, thorough, accurate, and concise property inspection. Our knowledge and experience in the industry make us more qualified to perform a home inspection and gain reputation to deliver excellent customer service.

Our expertise ensures that your home will be evaluated accurately providing you a better understanding of the imperfections of the property and discovery of the positive aspects.

We provide a straightforward style of inspecting a home to make it more possible to make a detailed analysis of the entire components of your home, from minor to major details. All items mandated by the local real estate commission will be inspected objectively. Thus, all your concerns or questions will be covered before leaving you with the property.

When you take advantage of our inspection service, your mind will be at ease that you can get your dream home. You can count on our careful evaluation skills and keen attention to details. This way, you can be sure that all the pieces of information are accurate and correct.

What We Offer

Our Hamilton home inspections are not just finding problems about the property. Wealso want you to be informed about every aspect of your home so that you will be able to avoid costly repairs or maintenance issues in the future.

We offer new construction and pre-purchase inspection. When you consider a new construction inspection, you will be able to monitor everything like before pouring the concrete foundation, and the interior walls are done. You can also rely on our pre-final walkthrough inspection to ensure that everything is in place before the
final touch.

Home sellers can also take advantage of our quality inspection. They can have a clearer picture of the property before they put it up for sale with the help of our pre-listing inspections.

As we provide you with comprehensive inspection services, you are not just getting your dream property because you will be able to ensure that your home is on best condition. We are here to help you in:

  • Inspecting the home, you are planning to buy;
  • Inspecting the home, you are living in which involved preventive maintenance
  • Inspecting the home, you are putting on the market.


In home inspection we, our clients can expect for thorough visual examination different elements of your home.


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We make sure that every part of your home is inspected thoroughly and adequately.Our team of professional inspectors will look at the surface drainage, siding trim, doors, windows, balconies, steps, porches, decks, sidewalks, and driveways.


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As for the interiors of your home, we will carefully examine the walls, ceilings, stairways, countertops, railings, floors, garage system, steps, and cabinets. This way, we will be able to determine the signs of insect damage, signs of defects, or construction defects.


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One of the most common issues found in a home is the roofing. If the construction of the roofing has defects or low-quality materials are used, it can lead to greater problems. Some of the frequently discovered problems are improperly installed flashing, ladder gouges. However, you do not have to worry that much since these problems can be quickly addressed. This means that these problems only need some minor repairs and you do not need to replace the roof.


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Whether you are buying a home or you require for preventive maintenance, it is necessary to consider the condition of entrance wires, fuses and breaker, service panels, and disconnects. Thus, we will check the number of outlets in each room.


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Our expert inspectors will examine the condition of the water supply and drainage systems. We will also take note of the fuel storage system, sump pumps, drainage pumps, and heating equipment.

Heating & Cooling System

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We will inspect the ventilation, chimneys, and flues. Thus, we will look for things likeincorrect or missing installed filters, and leaking or loose connections for the condensate piping.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with complete and reliable home inspections. Each time home sellers or buyers need a thorough and accurate property inspection. We want to be their best partner and be part of their journey in acquiring the dream home they deserve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to witness more clients who are satisfied with our services. We want to see homeowners who are free from worries about the property. We want to bring more peace of mind and confidence to everyone that their property is always on its best condition.

Our Team

Our Hamilton home inspectors are licensed or certified, where you can always rely on their skills and expertise that the home is inspected professionally. They are highly dedicated to provide you with correct and valuable information about your new or existing home. They will thoroughly inspect all the major components of the property.

Our team will help you expose the hidden defects and offer you essential advice about the proper maintenance of your home to avoid potential issues. Thus, our team will deliver you with the necessary information for you to make a smart decision about your home.

Everyone would love to live in a home that is free from issues. That is why we are here. We give you the best reasons to sleep at night with confidence and peace of
mind. Contact us today and experience our excellent home inspection services.

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